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Animal Production Research Advances

Page Header Logo Animal Production Research Advances is a peer-review journal established expressly to promote the production of all animal species utilized as food. The journal has an international scope and is intended for professionals in animal production and related sciences. We solicit contributions from animal production and health specialists in academia, industry, veterinary and environmental health, as well as from specialists in economics, extension, sociology, agric engineering, fisheries and wildlife, minilivestock, livestock farming systems and other disciplines.

Animal Research International

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo This journal is an international journal publishing original research involving the use of animals and animal products.

Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa

Page Header Logo The Bulletin of Animal Health and Production in Africa publishes articles on original research relevant to animal health and production activities which may lead to the improvement of the livestock industry in Africa and better utilisation of her animal resources.

Le Bulletin de la Santé et de la Production animales en Afrique contient des articles de recherches originales traitant d’activitiés en matiére de santé et de production animals visant à assurer le développement de l’industrie animale et une meilleure utilisation des resources du bétail en Afrique.

East African Journal of Biophysical and Computational Sciences

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo East African Journal of Biophysical and Computational Sciences is a peer reviewed open access journal published by Hawassa University, College of Natural & Computational Sciences. This Journal is a multi and interdisciplinary journal that is devoted to attracting high-quality, latest and valuable advancements in the fields of natural sciences. The Journal invites publications from different geographical contexts and disciplines in view to advance the depths of knowledge related to physics, chemistry, geology, biology & veterinary medicine. Manuscript originated from other sciences such as biotechnology, sport science, statistics and mathematics can also be accepted based on their adjunct nature. The Journal encourages publications of both scholarly and industrial papers on various themes with the aim of giving innovative solutions towards natural sciences. It encourages publishing of open access academic journals on a regular basis (presumably biannual). The Journal publishes original research articles, critical reviews, mini reviews, short communications, case reports related to the specific theme and a variety of special issues in English. The Journal offers an opportunity to all social classes regardless of their economic status. This helps to promote academic research published by a resource-poor researchers as a mechanism to give back to society

Ghanaian Journal of Animal Science

 This Journal is Open Access
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About GJAS

The Ghanaian Journal of Animal Science (GJAS) is the official journal of the Ghana Society of Animal Production (GSAP). The journal publishes results of original research and reviews in all aspects of livestock and poultry production, i.e. breeding and genetics, nutrition and forages, physiology, economics and special topics. GJAS readers include stakeholders in research, education, industry and government.
All opinions and articles published in the journal reflect the views of the authors and not necessarily those of the Journal. Submission of a paper implies that it has not been submitted or published elsewhere, and that the authors accept the conditions for publication outlined in the journal. Once accepted for publication, authors transfer copyright of their articles to GSAP unless expressly exempted in writing by the copyright holders. Those wishing to use illustrations or data from the journal in other publications should obtain permission from the publisher, and include a line acknowledging the journal as the source of material.
The first year of journal publication which is the maiden issue was in 2010. The frequency of publication has been two issues per year. We only publish in hard copy and due to the cost involved, we find it difficult to publish smaller number of articles. The last issue was published in 2020 in Ghana in the English Language. All papers are submitted to 3 reviewers for a blind review and the editorial board makes a decision whether to accept or reject the paper when a minimum of two review reports are received on each paper. It takes 4 to 8 weeks for a review to get done. Out of 10 articles, 7 manuscripts are accepted for publication.

Journal of Research in Forestry, Wildlife and Environment

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The Journal of Research in Forestry, Wildlife and Environment lays emphasis on result of empirical research and conceptual issues in different aspects of Forestry, Wildlife and Range Management, Agriculture, Veterinary Sciences, Pure and Applied Environmental Sciences; Engineering, Geography, Geology, Applied Economics and Biological Sciences.

Kenya Veterinarian

Page Header Logo The Kenya Veterinarian is a journal of the Kenya Veterinary Association. It publishes original papers in English, within the whole field of animal science and veterinary medicine and those addressing legal and policy issues related to the veterinary profession. The journal accepts articles and reports in the areas of Anatomy and Histology, Animal Physiology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Animal Sciences, Pathology and Microbiology, Public Health, Pharmacology and Toxicology Food Animal Practice, Companion Animal Practice as well as Wildlife Sciences in Kenya, East Africa, and the Continent of Africa. In addition, the journal publishes invited research reviews and reports of scientific meetings of the association as well as letters to the editor, commentaries and other topical issues for debate.

Mansoura Veterinary Medical Journal

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo Mansoura Veterinary Medical Journal is an international peer-reviewed journal published by Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Mansoura University. The mission of this journal is to provide a vehicle for authors looking for publishing good quality research in both basic and clinical veterinary medical sciences, especially the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of medical conditions of domestic, companion, and farm animals. The journal is dedicated publishing original articles, review articles, short communications, and case reports. Mansoura Veterinary Medical journal (Mansoura Vet Med J) is published in English Quarterly on an Open Access model. Users have the right to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of articles under the following conditions: https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/. The Publication Ethics of the journal follow the guideline of Committee On Publication Ethics (COPE) to keep a high standard of review.
Other websites associated with this journal: https://mvmj.journals.ekb.eg/

Nigerian Journal of Animal Science

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The Nigerian Journal of Animal Science (NJAS) is an official publication of the Animal Science Association of Nigeria (ASAN) that is published twice a year in two issues. The Journal publishes carefully peer-reviewed original research articles on various farm and laboratory animals covering diverse areas such as production, management, health, physiology, nutrition, feeds and feedstuff, breeding and genetics, reproduction, animal products, biotechnology, socio-economics, extension, farming systems and crop/livestock interactions within the context of sustainable livestock production among others.  Review articles should cover new development in a field of livestock production.

Nigerian Journal of Parasitology

Page Header Logo The Journal is devoted primarily to pure and applied research and provides a medium for the publication of investigations in all aspects of Parasitology. The Journal will publish original research and technical studies carried out in the country, as well as works and documents from foreigners which are of interest to Nigeria. The Nigerian Journal of Parasitology publishes original research works on Parasitology (epidemiology, vector biology, public health, disease prevention, molecular and biochemical parasitology, drug test, diagnostics parasitology, control, socio medicine and international health).

Nigerian Veterinary Journal

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The Nigerian Veterinary Journal (NVJ) has been in existence since 1971. The NVJ is published by the Nigerian Veterinary Medical Association (NVMA) as part of the association's commitment to the advancement of Veterinary Medicine in Nigeria and other parts of the world, with a general view of enhancing the livestock economy worldwide.Other websites related to this journal can be found here: http://www.nvma.org.ng and nvj.com.ng

Open Veterinary Journal

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo Open Veterinary Journal is a peer reviewed international open access online and printed journal that publishes high-quality original research articles, reviews, short communications and case reports dedicated to all aspects of veterinary sciences and its related subjects. 
Other websites associated with this journal: http://www.openveterinaryjournal.com/

Rwanda Journal of Agricultural Sciences

 This Journal is Open Access
The RJEAS  publishes  information about advances and their applications in making better use of the Rwandan and regional end environment  in  the fields  of Agricultural  Sciences,  Environmental  Sciences, Veterinary  Medicine,  Animal  and  Crop  Sciences,  Forestry,  Agricultural   mechanization,   Food science and Nutrition,  Agricultural Economics, Aquaculture and fisheries. Articles describing application   of  mathematical   modeling,   ICT,  genomics,   climate   change,   informatics,   remote sensing  and geographic  information  systems in agriculture  and environment but not limited to,  are highly  welcome. RJAS is meant to be national, regional and international both in the source of articles and its readership.
Other websites associated with this journal: https://ur.ac.rw/?UR-s-Internal-Journals

Sahel Journal of Veterinary Sciences

Page Header Logo The Sahel Journal of Veterinary Sciences is the official journal of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Maiduguri, Maiduguri, Nigeria. The journal welcomes original research articles, short communications and reviews on all aspects of veterinary sciences and related disciplines.

Sokoto Journal of Veterinary Sciences

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The Journal publishes original research articles related to veterinary sciences, including livestock health and production, diseases of wild life and fish, preventive veterinary medicine and zoonoses among others. Case reports, review articles and editorials are also accepted.
Other sites related to this journal: http://www.sokvetjournal.net/

South African Journal of Animal Science

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The South African Journal of Animal Science is a peer-reviewed journal for publication of original scientific research articles and reviews in the field of animal science. The journal is published both electronically and in paper format. The scope of the journal includes reports of research dealing with farm livestock species (cattle, sheep, goats, pigs, and poultry), as well as pertinent aspects of research on aquatic and wildlife species. The main disciplines covered are nutrition, genetics and physiology. Papers dealing with sociological aspects of well-defined livestock production systems are also invited, providing they are scientific by nature and have been carried out in a systematic way.
Other websites related to this journal: http://www.sasas.co.za
The journal is ISI Rated (Agriculture, Dairy and Animal Science Impact factor) with an Impact Factor of 0.678 for 2016.

Tanzania Veterinary Journal

Page Header Logo TVJ publishes original contribution to knowledge on Veterinary Science, Animal Science and Production, and allied sciences including new techniques and developments in Veterinary Medicine and Public Health. The Journal also publishes editorial comments, policy and professional matters, field and clinical reports, animal health, animal production, advances in Veterinary Biotechnologies, non-traditional livestock farming and utilization, Veterinary education and training,  short communications, mini reviews, and letters to the editor. In addition to regular issues, TVJ also publishes Tanzania Veterinary Association (TVA) conferences proceeding papers and books of abstracts. The proceedings papers are published as special issue and the volume number usually corresponds with the sequence number of the respective conference. The target readers of the Journal are the researchers, clinicians, animal scientists, field extension officers, biomedical and broader biological scientists as well as policy makers.
Other websites associated with this journal: https://tvj.sua.ac.tz

Tropical Veterinarian

Page Header Logo TROPICAL VETERINARIAN is an international journal devoted to all aspects of veterinary science as practiced in the tropics, including livestock production and management, animal disease (domestic and wild), various aspects of preventive medicine and public health and basic and applied research in these areas.

Zimbabwe Veterinary Journal

Page Header Logo Zimbabwe Veterinary Journal contains original and review papers on all aspects of animal health in Zimbabwe and SADC countries, including articles by non-veterinarians.This journal did not publish any issues between 2002 and 2015 but has been revived and and it actively accepting papers and publishing from 2016.