Published: 2014-07-10

Effect Of Euphorbia Cyparissias Ointments On Acanthosis

RT Cristina, E Dumitrescu, D Brezovan, F Muselin, V Chiurciu


The Mechanism Of Auriculotherapy: A Case Report Based On The Fractal Structure Of Meridian System

M Bernardo-Filho, D da Cunha de Sá-Caputo, PJ Marin, S Chang


Bioactive Compounds And Encapsulation Of Yanang (Tiliacora Triandra) Leaves

J Singthong, R Oonsivilai, J Oonmetta-aree, S Ningsanond


Ethnomedicines of Highly Utilized Plants in the Temperate Himalayan Region

S Begum, NM AbdEIslam, M Adnan, A Tariq, A Yasmin, R Hameed


The Bioload and Aflatoxin Content of Herbal Medicines from Selected States in Nigeria

JO Ezekwesili-Ofili, NF Onyemelukwe, P Agwaga, I Orji


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