Published: 2017-01-25

Bee diseases: Examining options for their management in Africa

Wolfgang Ritter, Ute Schneider Ritter

19 - 25

Assessing the use of crop protection products for potential risks to honey bees

CH Maus, A Alix, D Castle, M Coulson, J Cuffe, G Mitchell, S Simiyu-Wafukho, H Thompson, S Maund

57 - 72

The status of honeybee pests in Uganda

R Kajobe, EK Kato, SA Otim, P Kasangaki, PP Abila

105 - 117

Profiling of honey bee viruses in Kenyan honey bee colonies

I Onyango, R Skilton, S Muya, G Michuki, S Kabochi, H Kutima, M Kasina

119 - 127

Occurrence of Nosema species in honey bee colonies in Kenya

JK Wanjama, I Onyango, DM Mutyambai, SK Kabochi, PN Ndegwa

129 - 135

Analysis of farm household technical efficiency in small-scale beekeeping enterprise in Mwingi and Kitui, Kenya

AI Omondi, HD Affognon, WS Kingori, MG Diiro, BW Muriithi, SK Raina

193 - 206