East African Medical Journal - Vol 82, No 6 (2005)

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Table of Contents


Editorial: Aflatoxicosis: Health implications
OW Mwanda
Aflatoxin levels in maize and maize products during the 2004 food poisoning outbreak in eastern province of Kenya
BN Muture, G Ogana
Prevalence of enterotoxigenic Bacillus Cereus and Its enterotoxins in milk and milk products in and around Nairobi
JN Ombui, JG Nduhiu
Medical audit of maternal deaths in the Lagos University Teaching Hospital, Nigeria
AO Daramola, AAF Banjo
Human placental immunoglobulins show unique re-association patterns with isologous and third party acid treated trophoblast microvesicles in vitro
CA Omwandho, J Falconer, SE Gruessner, E Mecha, AG Tumbo-Oeri, TK Roberts, HR Tinneberg
Seasonality of gestational weight gain and foetal growth in rural Malawi
H Hartikainen, K Maleta, T Kulmala, P Ashorn
Vitamin A deficiency and anaemia in young children living in a malaria endemic district of western Kenya
EC Nabakwe, W van M Lichtenbelt, DK Ngare, M Wierik, KR Westerterp, OC Owino
Surgical implications of abdominal pain in patients presenting to the Kenyatta National Hospital casualty department with abdominal pain
MN Awori, G Jani
Post-operative re-construction of dentoalveolar tissue and the mandible and maxillae using prosthetic therapy
R Mutave, ML Chindia, SW Guthua
Evaluation Of Quality Of Life Among Patients After Extirpation Of Mandibular Ameloblastoma
ENM Simon, MAW Merkx, BM Kalyanyama, FM Shubi, PJW Stoelinga
Acute aflatoxicosis: Case report
OW Mwanda, CF Otieno, E Omonge
Acute colonic pseudo obstruction (Ogilvie\'s syndrome): Case report
PG Jani

ISSN: 0012-835X
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