Ghanaian Consumers’ Attitudes toward Cisgenic Rice: Are all Genetically Modified Rice the Same?

  • Francis Tsiboe
  • Lawton L. Nalley
  • Bruce L. Dixon
  • Diana Danforth
  • Anne-Cécile Delwaide
  • Rodolfo M. Nayga
Keywords: Rice, Rice Breeding, Cisgenics, GMO


In Ghana the cultivation of cisgenic rice could potentially decrease the current  growing gap between domestic supply and demand. Using a consumer survey, the study tested if Ghanaians view cisgenic and transgenic rice differently and  estimated consumers’ willingness-to-pay for rice labeled as genetically modified (GM), cisgenic or  environmentally beneficial. Employing an interval regression on the survey data showed that consumers were willing to pay a premium for  environmentally beneficial rice and a discount for GM and cisgenic rice. In addition, a Likert scale and simple t test was used to show that respondents had a less negative attitude towards cisgenic rice relative to transgenic rice; and perceived cisgenic rice to be different from GM rice, but not  different from transgenic rice. Based on the findings of this study and the high  skepticism that Ghanaians have towards GM crops, labeling cisgenic as transgenic could mean that Ghanaians would reject cisgenic crops. Further, consumer perception and acceptance are important factors in improving the country’s food security status. Therefore, the Government of Ghana should also make an effort to implement programme that would help increase awareness among Ghanaians about GM and the different types of GM products.

Keywords: Rice, Rice Breeding, Cisgenics, GMO


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eISSN: 0855-6768