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Towards a comprehensive model of human resource development research and practice: A systematic literature review

Felix Kwame Opoku


Although several models have been proposed to guide practitioners and academics in human resource development  (HRD), there is sufficient manifestation that a new HRD model is required to address emerging HRD problems such as  cultural variation and value systems across the globe, the need to strengthen the theoretical foundation of HRD  research and practice, and the incompleteness of HRD research methods. The purpose of this study was to propose a  comprehensive HRD model that will address these problems in order to make HRD more responsive to the current  needs in HRD research and practice. Bozer and Jones’s (2018) seven-phase systematic literature review approach was  adopted to gather data for this study. The available data were analyzed using thematic analysis. It was found that the  proposed HRD model was capable of helping HRD practitioners to choose appropriate HRD practices that will match  their culture and value systems, and guide them on the methods and theories to apply in their respective locations. On  the basis of these findings, it was concluded that the proposed HRD model can address the problems currently facing  HRD research and practice.   

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