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A study of prevalence obesity and related health risks among male business shop owners in Katsina central market

Abubakar Jari


This study focused on obesity and its health risks implications on the individual business shop owners sampled at Katsina Central market Katsina Metropolis. The study critically looked at the signs and symptoms of obesity which include large body structures, Examination and identification from ten (10) peoples sampled randomly were assess using parameters used to measure obesity. Indices for measuring obesity such as Height, Weight and body mass index was measured including waist circumference as well as hip circumference. Results showed that business shop owners 3 (30%) having age of 42,51 and47 years were found not obese with waist circumference measured at 76cm, 92cm, and 83cm which did not reached obesity level of 83-98cm body mass index (BMI). Measurements 70% of business owners were found to be obese out from business owners 4-10 with waist circumference of measured at 100cm, 110cm, 111cm, exceeding level of 102cm body mass index (BMI).The observed condition were attributed to excessive control intake and low body exercise. Observed participation indicated some health implications like hypertension, cancer, diabetes mellitus etc further took a closer look at the causes of obesity which include excessive intake energy food. Interview responses indicated that, especially obese among them complain of health implications related to obesity such as hypertension, cancer diabetes mellitus etc. Prevention of obesity was recommendations through regular exercise for 30 minutes daily to manage the BMI

Keywords: Business shop owners, Health implications, Katsina central market, Obesity identifications

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