Authors should strictly adhere to these instructions to avoid delays in review process.

  • An Author Agreement Form (download from link) should be completed for each manuscript submitted.
  • Contributions should be prepared on A4 (210 x 297 mm), using Arial Narrow Font Size12. Lines should be double spaced throughout the manuscript.
  • Authors are encouraged to include graphic images (photographs, scans or drawings) that enhance the reader’s understanding and appreciation of the publication. There is no limit on the number of images that can be published. However, authors submitting images should be conscious of space requirements. To accomodate more photos, authors should compress high quality images to 96 dpi (for screen presentation).The entire manuscript including images and all attachments should not exceed 2.4 MB or 15 pages.
  • All data presented should be carefully analyzed (indicate methods and software used) and presented using a suitable combination of tables and graphs.
  • All lines should be numbered throughout the manuscript.
  • Your manuscript should be divided into the following sections:
    • Title (brief and reflecting content of manuscript);
    • Authors names, Institutions, and addresses. Include email address of corresponding author.
    • Abstract. Dividethe abstract further into sections with the following headings.
      • Objectives: (in less than 50 words).
      • Methodology and Results: (in less than 100 words).
      • Conclusions and application of findings : in about 150 words. This is a very important section for publications submitted to JABs. Authors should pay particular attention.
  • Authors from Francophone countries may submit manuscripts in French but must include an English translation of the Title and the Abstract.
  • Your submission will be acknowledged in an email within three days at most, with a tracking number allocated. We will endeavour to complete the review process in a maximum of fourteen weeks and if accepted, the manuscript will be published in the next month’s edition of the journal.
  • All articles published in the Journal of Applied BioSciences will be available in full length, freely and openly (to everyone with a web browser) anywhere in the world.
  • Please submit your manuscripts as attachment to an email addressed to   with subject line reading Biosciences Publication. You may copy your submissions to
  • Please add the above email addresses to your email account Address book to avoid our messages going to SPAM (especially if you have a yahoo account).
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