Estimating Production Technical Efficiency of Irvingia Seed (Ogbono) Species Farmers in Nsukka Agricultural Zone in Enugu State, Nigeria

  • PC Ike
  • EO Emaziye


This study estimated the production technical efficiency of irvingia seed (Ogbono) farmers in Nsukka agricultural zone in Enugu State, Nigeria. This is against the backdrop of the importance of efficiency as a factor of productivity in a growing economy like Nigeria where resources are scarce and opportunities for new technologies are lacking. Primary data were collected using a set of pre-tested questionnaire from 200 irvingia seed producers who were selected through multistage random sampling from four Local Government Areas in Nsukka agricultural zone. Data were analyzed using descriptive statistics and the Stochastic Frontier model. Results showed that irvingia seeds are produced by ageing farmers who managed only small number of trees. Frontier estimates showed that farm size (number of trees) fertilizer and labour significantly influenced irvingia seed productivity while farmer’s education, farming experience and access to credit reduced production inefficiencies in irvingia farms. With a mean technical efficiency of 67.8%, there is ample opportunity to improve irvingia seed productivity in the area using the current production systems. Thus, directing efforts towards proper farmer education on relevant agro-forestry practices and extending credit to farmers are important policy strategies for increased irvingia seed production.

Keywords: Technical efficiency, irvingia seeds, stochastic frontier, Nsukka agricultural zone


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1597-1074