Morphometric evaluation of Arbor Acre parent stock broilers reared in south-south Nigeria

  • Philip Okpako Akporhuarho


Economic importance of morphometric parameters such as live weight and body measurements per weeks are quantitative as well as complex with continuous variability in chicken hence this present studies. A total of 140 unsexed day old parent stock broiler chicks (Arbor Acre strain) were used for this present study. They were completely randomized and divided into four treatment groups of 35 birds per group. Each group had five replicates of 7 birds per replicates. The parameters measured were body weight (BW), BODY length (BL), Wing span (WS), Wing length (WL), Breast girth (BG) and Shank length (SL). Correlation matrix between body weight and the linear body measurements were positive and highly significant (r = 0.510 – 0.765, P < 0.01). The linear regression model with a coefficient of determination (R2) value of 60.30 included forecast indices such as BL, WS, WL, TL, BG and SL. The regression could be used to predict the body weight of the birds and also for selection purposes.

Keywords: Morphometrics, Evaluation, Arbor Acre, Parent stock Broilers


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eISSN: 1597-1074