The Influence of Media on the Seed Germination of Depulped and Undepupled Fruits of Bush Mango (Irvingia Wombolu)

  • RC Mbakwe


Seed germination of depulped and undepulped fruits of bush mango, Irvingia wombolu (Vermeosen) were evaluated using six different media; Top forest soil (TS), sawdust (SD), Riversand (RS), 1:1 mixture of TS+SD,SD+RS and TS+RS, Undepuled fruits, despite slightly increased percentage germination in the mixed media, had very poor seed germination response in all the media. Seed germination of depulped fruits was higher in the mixed than in the single media. The TS+SD mixture with the least percentage porosity, 35.5% had the highest seed germination of 85%. This result suggests that, sowing depulped fruits of I. wombolu in 1:1 mixture of TS+SD can be relied upon for obtaining very high percentage seed germination, since the medium is capable of absorbing and retaining large quantity of water, which creates favourable environment for seed germination, particularly in the dry season.

Journal of Agriculture and Food Sciences Vol. 2 (2) 2004 pp. 151-154

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eISSN: 1597-1074