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Diffuse Solar System Design and Utilization in Agriculture and Domestic Applications

LO Uzoigwe


Diffuse solar radiation is a component of total solar radiation that is good for low temperature grade heating. Since the portion of the scattered radiation from the sun, which consists of short and long waves, that reaches the earth is diffused, its utilization in Agriculture as this paper suggested, has multiple phase change material, which as well could serve as heat exchange for domestic (residential) applications. The Diffuse Solar System designed, consists of three functional units: the solar collector, thermal storage (heat sink) and a dryer cabinet. The thermal storage ranges from 140 – 1500F (60 – 500C) for heating system and 60 – 700F (15 – 200C) for residential cooling. Likewise, a natural convection solar dryer with collector efficiency of about 42% and drying efficiency of about 53% would dry tomatoes with initial moisture contents of 94% wet basis, to safe moisture content of about 4% wet basis and 35.2 – 86.8% ascorbic acid (vitamin C) retention with acceptable colour and texture.

Keywords: Solar radiation, Heat sink, Ascorbic acid, Collectors, Reflectors, Yeast/mould count and Efficiency.
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