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Trend Analysis of Climate Change Factors and Yield of Yam in Bayelsa State, Nigeria

PC Ike


The main objective of this study is to conduct trend analysis of change of climatic factors 1971-2009 and yield of yam1999-2009 in Bayelsa state. Multistage sampling procedure was employed in the random s election of local government areas, communities and rural farming households for the study. Annual mean time series data of temperature and rainfall were collected from Nigerian Meteorological Agency (NIMET). Annual mean time series data on yield of yam were collected from Bayelsa State Agricultural Development Programme (ADP). Data were analyzed using trend analysis and growth model for the prediction of change in climatic factors and yield of yam. Finding reveals that the projected future values witnessed an increasing trend in temperature and rainfall, while statistical yield data recorded a decreasing trend in yield of yam in the state. It is recommended that increased awareness be created and disseminated through agricultural extension services and advocacy on the challenges of climate change. Climate change adaption and mitigation measures as they specifically relate to yam production in Bayelsa State should as a matter of priority guide policy makers in the state in particular and Nigeria in general. Emphasis must be renewed for increased yam production in the state to forestall hunger and food insecurity situation.

Keywords: Climate Change, Trend, Yield of yam, Temperature, Rainfall, Bayelsa State.