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Evaluation of Yield and Yield Attributes of Five Sweet Potato (Ipomoea batata (L)Lam) Varieties in Owerri - Imo State

HA Okorie, NC Ohazurike, TC Njoku


Five sweet potato varieties (Ex –igbariam local, TIS 86/0356, TIS 8441, TIS 87/0087, and TIS 2532.OP.1.13) were evaluated for yield and agronomic performance in Imo State University Farm, Owerri. The experiment was laid out in a randomised complete block design with three replications. The planting density was 33,000 plants/ha and NPK (15:15:15) fertilizer was applied blanket at the rate of 100kg/ha. Significant (p= 0.05) differences were obtained in the performance of the varieties in fresh tuber yields, vigor at six weeks after planting, leaf area/plant, fresh biomass, tuber dry matter and biomass dry matter yields. Variety TIS 86/0356 gave significantly (p= 0.05) the highest mean fresh tuber yield of 7.38 t/ha and a significantly (p=0.05) high mean biomass dry weight of 3.08 t/ha, whereas the variety TIS 8441 gave the lowest mean fresh tuber and biomass dry matter yields of 1.28t/ha and 1.29t/ha, respectively. Variety TIS 86/0356 was therefore recommended for sweet potato growers in the region.

Key words: Sweet potato, varieties, yield evaluation.
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