Inventory of arthropods on Sesbania acuelata in the Algerian Sahara and quantification of phenolic compounds by HPLC

  • I Larkem
  • N Benchikha
  • S Domandji
  • M.B. Domandji
Keywords: Inventory, Arthropods, Sesbania acuelata, phénolic compounds, HPLC


The present study was carried out at the I.T.D.A.S. (Biskra). It contributes to the inventory and knowledge of arthropods which are successfully infecting a plant newly introduced in Algeria in this case Sesbania acuelata. During the summer of 2016, each month, arthropods are collected using three methods: pitful  traps,  yellow  water  traps  and  direct  hunting. The survey resulted in the retrieval of 685 individuals in 125 arthropods, grouped into 66 families  and  13  orders.  The results  thus obtained  showed  a  predominance  of  the  order Hymenoptera followed by Diptera and Orthoptera. The Order of the acari  is the  least species  identified, represented. For a better qualitative and quantitative analysis of the numerous ecological indices were used

The extract obtained was analyzed, under optimum conditions, by HPLC which allowed the identification of seven phenolic compounds which are ascorbic acid, gallic acid, chlorogenic acid, caffeic acid, and Vanillin, quercitin, rutin acids. Sesbania acuelata, can be, however, considered as a plant of pharmaceutical utility of great importance in addition to the other virtues.

Keywords: Inventory, Arthropods, Sesbania acuelata, phénolic compounds, HPLC


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print ISSN: 1112-9867