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Non-ionizing radiation exposure: electric field strength measurement around selected base stations in Kuala Nerus

S.N. Hazmin, A.R.S.N. Dianah, R Umar, A.N. Dagang, M.K.A. Kamarudin, H Jaafar


The human technology advancement grows rapidly especially in telecommunication sector, led to the construction of more base stations tower (BST). The non-ionizing radiation (NIR) produced is believed to have adverse impact on living things and caused public concern. This study is conducted to measure electric field (EF) strength around several selected BST around Kuala Nerus. The measurement is carried out using circular patch antenna designed and fabricated for frequency up to 3GHz, connected to spectrum analyzer.

In this research, the measured values are compared with the international standard recommended by ICNIRP then were also compared with previous study from several locations around Malaysia. The result shows an increase in the values of electromagnetic field radiation. The result of this study could be used for health risk monitoring and also benefit telecommunication service provider.

Keywords: non-ionizing radiation; radiation protection; base station; electric field strength

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