Published: 2018-03-20

Controlling of green nanocellulose fiber properties produced by chemo-mechanical treatment process via SEM, TEM, AFM and image analyzer characterization

A.F. Ireana Yusra, H Juahir, N.W. Nik Ahmad Firdaus, A.H. Bhat, A Endut, H.P.S. Abdul Khalil, G Adiana


A multidimensional analysis of physiological and mechanical variables among archers of different levels of expertise

R.M. Musa, M.R. Abdullah, H Juahir, A.B.H.M. Maliki, S.M. Mat-Rasid, N.A. Kosni, A Adnan, N Alias, V Eswaramoorthi


Climate changes impacts towards sedimentation rate at Terengganu River, Terengganu, Malaysia

N.A. Wahab, M.K.A. Kamarudin, M.E. Toriman, H Juahir, M.B. Gasim, Z.I. Rizman, G Adiana, A.S.M. Saudi, Sukono Sukono, B Subartini, P.P. Damayanti, S Supian, Y Hidayat, T Purwandari, F.M. Ata


Non-ionizing radiation exposure: electric field strength measurement around selected base stations in Kuala Nerus

S.N. Hazmin, A.R.S.N. Dianah, R Umar, A.N. Dagang, M.K.A. Kamarudin, H Jaafar


Mathematical model for dissolved oxygen prediction in Cirata Reservoir, West Java by using artificial neural network

S Supian, K.T.B. Achmad, I Riyadhi, Subiyanto Subiyanto, G Adiana, A.F. Ireana Yusra, M Mamat


Temporal change detection of land use/land cover using GIS and remote sensing techniques in South Ghor Regions, Al-Karak, Jordan

M Abu Ghurah, M.K.A. Kamarudin, N.A. Wahab, R Umar, N.A.F. Nik Wan, H Juahir, M.B. Gasim, A.R. Hassan, F Lananan, A.F. Ireana Yusra, Sunardi Sunardi, Y Hidayat


Estimated probability of the number of buildings damaged by the floods and the cost of repairs

Sukono Sukono, M Suyudi, S Supian, Y Hidayat, R Budiono, M.K.A. Kamarudin, A.R. Hassan, F Lananan, R Umar


Improving unprecedented restlessness as the new strong indicator of rice crisis at national level

Y Hidayat, T Purwandari, Sukono Sukono, S Supian, H Juahir, M.K.A. Kamarudin, A.F. Ireana Yusra


Spatial variation of Melaleuca cajuputi powell essential oils

A Hanif, H Juahir, F Lananan, M.K.A. Kamarudin, G Adiana, A Azemin, A.F. Ireana Yusra


Potential of sea level rise impact on South China Sea: a preliminary study in Terengganu, Malaysia

M.B. Gasim, H Juahir, A Azid, M.K.A. Kamarudin, A.R. Hassan, N Hairoma, Sukono Sukono, B Subartini, P.P. Damayanti, S Supian


Prediction model of missing data: a case study of PM10 across Malaysia Region

N.L. Abd Rani, A Azid, S.I. Khalit, H Juahir


An intelligent talent recognition of male youth field hockey players using physical fitness, anthro-energy intake and psychological variables

N Alias, MR Abdullah, RM Musa, ABHM Maliki, NA Kosni, V Eswaramoorthi, SM Mat-Rasid, A Adnan, H Juahir


School based assessment module for invasion games category in physical education

N Salimin, M.I. Shahril, J Jani, A Rahmat, G Elumalai, L Saad, M.R. Abdullah, S.M. Mat-Rasid, N.A. Kosni, A.B.H.M. Maliki


The influence of solar radiation on radio signal at UHF band

M.S. Marhamah, R Umar, S.N. Hazmin, S.N.A.S. Zafar, R Mat


Wind speed on ultra high frequency (UHF) of radio signal

S.N.A. Syed Zafar, S.N. Hazmin, R Mat, M.S. Marhamah, R Umar


Notational analysis on tactical passing skills used by collegiate players in an indoor hockey masum tournament

K.N. Hasnor, H Hizan, M.I. Shahril, N.A. Kosni, M.R. Abdullah, A.B.H.M. Maliki, S.M. Mat-Rasid


PM10 emission inventory of industrial and road transport vehicles in Klang Valley, Peninsular Malaysia

M.A. Jamalani, A.M. Abdullah, A Azid, M.F. Ramli, M.R. Baharudin, L.K. Chng, R.E. Elhadi, K.M.K. Ku Yusof, A Gnadimzadeh


The behavior of solar wind parameters and geomagnetic activity indices for geomagnetically induced current observations

N Mohd Anuar, A.N.F. Abdullah Din, F.A. Mohd Kasran, R Umar, S.A. Enche Ab Rahim, M.H. Jusoh


Development of NutriSportExTM-interactive sport nutrition based mobile application software

B.S. Pushpa, N.S. Safii, S.H. Hamzah, N Fauzi, W.K. Yeo, P.B. Koon, C.Y. Tsin, M.I. Mohamad, A.H.A. Rahman, C.L. Ming, R.A. Talib, M.R. Shahril


Preparedness plan for flood: a bottom up approach

N.N.M. Shariff, Z.S. Hamidi


Geomagnetic storm related to intense solar radio burst type II and III due to M3.9 class flare and coronal mass ejections

N Husien, W.Z.A. Wan Mokhtar, Z.S. Hamidi, N.N.M. Shariff, C Monstein, M.O. Ali, S.N.U. Sabri, N.H. Zainol, M.S. Faid


Motivation and involvement toward physical activity among university students

M.F. Abdullah, M.K. Md Yusof, M.N. Nazarudin, M.R. Abdullah, A.B.H.M. Maliki


Assessment of AHP for optical observatory and new moon sighting sites in peninsular of Malaysia

R Umar, M.K.A. Kamarudin, N.A.F. Nik Wan, A.F. Ireana Yusra, H Juahir, M.R. Razali, A.I. Anua


Minor impact of solar flare events accompanied with SRBT III to the top of earth’s atmosphere

M.O. Ali, Z.S. Hamidi, N.H. Zainol, N Husien, S.N.U. Sabri


Nutritional status and health profile among single mothers in Kota Bharu, Kelantan

H Sakinah, N.A.M. Yusoff, A.R. Shariza, C.M. Teoh, M.Y. Hayati


Supervised pattern recognition of archers’ relative psychological coping skills as a component for a better archery performance

Z Taha, R.M. Musa, M.R. Abdullah, A.B.H.M. Maliki, N.A. Kosni, S.M. Mat-Rasid, A Adnan, H Juahir


Comparison of body fat percentage and physical performance of male national senior and junior karate athletes

N Najmi, M.R. Abdullah, H Juahir, A.B.H.M. Maliki, R.M. Musa, S.M. Mat-Rasid, A Adnan, N.A. Kosni, V Eswaramoorthi, N Alias


Physical activity level among undergraduate students in Terengganu, Malaysia using pedometer

N.A.M. Yusoff, S Ganeson, K.F. Ismail, H Juahir, M.R. Shahril, L.P. Lin, A Ahmad, S.W. Wafa, S Harith, R Rajikan


Spatial model of public non-ionizing radiation exposure on selected base station around Kuala Nerus

A.R.S.N. Dianah, S.N. Hazmin, R Umar, H Jaafar, M.K.A. Kamarudin, A.N. Dagang, H.N. Syafiqah


In vitro antiviral activity of Orthosiphon stamineus extract against dengue virus type 2

N.Z.A. Wahab, N Ibrahim, M.K.A. Kamarudin, F Lananan, H Juahir, A Ghazali


Impact sedimentation to community structure macrozoobenthos in Segara Anakan Lagoon

Yuniarti Yuniarti, Y.N. Ihsan, C Asdak, Y Dhahiyat, M.K.A. Kamarudin, M.B. Gasim, A.F. Ireana Yusra, H Juahir


Cytotoxicity and antiviral activity of Annona muricata aqueous leaves extract against dengue virus type 2

N.Z.A. Wahab, N Ibrahim, M.K.A. Kamarudin, F Lananan, H Juahir, A Ghazali, A.F. Ireana Yusra


Aquatic insect larvae as an indicator of ecological integrity of Panasen Upstream, Tondano Watershed, north Sulawesi

F Dapas, Y Dhahiyat, Sunardi Sunardi, Parikesit Parikesit, A.F. Ireana Yusra, F Lananan


Synthesis of heterogeneous catalyst for the production of biodiesel from soybean oil

S Nasreen, M Nafees, M Zeeshan, M.U. Saleem, A Ullah


Key performance indicators for measuring sustainability in health care industry in Malaysia

K.L. Wong, K.E. Chong, B.C. Chew, C.C. Tay, S.B. Mohamed


Students’ acceptance of learning management systems: i-LearnV3

N.H. Mohammed, H.S.M. Yusof, S.M. Salleh, S.F.M. Hamzah, N Shamsuddin


Smart multi-application energy harvester using Arduino

Z.I. Rizman, F.R. Hashim, I.M. Yassin, A Zabidi, F.K. Zaman, K.H. Yeap


Psychological impact on football players performance

M Kassim, Che N. Che Samsuddin, S Rustam, Nik I. Rasheed Che Ali


Moderating effect of innovation on human capital and small firm performance in construction industry: the Malaysia case

M Rosman, M.Z. Ahmad Suffian, Y Najihah Marha, M.Z. Sakinah, R.B. Raja Mariam


An improved controller for grass cutting application

Z.I. Rizman, J Adnan, F.R. Hashim, I.M. Yassin, A Zabidi, F.K. Zaman, K.H. Yeap


Development of hybrid drone (HyDro) for surveillance application

Z.I. Rizman, J Adnan, F.R. Hashim, I.M. Yassin, A Zabidi, F.K. Zaman, K.H. Yeap


Design an electronic mouse trap for agriculture area

Z.I. Rizman, F.R. Hashim, I.M. Yassin, A Zabidi, F.K. Zaman, K.H. Yeap


Photocatalytic degradation of Congo red dye based on titanium dioxide using solar and UV lamp

N.H. Harun, M.N.A. Rahman, W.F.W. Kamarudin, Z Irwan, A Muhammud, N.E.F.M. Akhir, M.R. Yaafar


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