Smart multi-application energy harvester using Arduino

  • Z.I. Rizman
  • F.R. Hashim
  • I.M. Yassin
  • A Zabidi
  • F.K. Zaman
  • K.H. Yeap
Keywords: harvest energy, Arduino, multi-application, natural energy


This paper presents a Smart Multi-App Harvester Energy Using Arduino for energy harvesting. The system consists of a few mechanical parts such as solar, thermal plate and dynamo (for kinetic) to harvest the energy. The objectives of the project are to harvest the wasted energy from the mechanical parts and used it as a backup and also as an alternative energy source to provide a small power supply. An Arduino is used as a controller to limit the power stored from the input. A boost converter will be used to covert a direct current to an alternating current. The harvested energy will be stored in a storage circuit, which consists of lithium ion battery. By using a voltage regulator, the input voltage is regulated to 5V and then amplified to 220V or remained at 5V for the output. The power stored from the harvested energy can for other device applications.

Keywords: harvest energy; Arduino; multi-application; natural energy

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867