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Effects of tides on the hydrology and geometry of a freshwater channel

Z Mustafa, A Awang, N Abdullah


The situation of Sungai Sengkuang becomes worse because it is under tidal influence. Flood was reduced after removing the temporary culvert. Analysis is carried out for the existing system to investigate whether it is still able to accommodate the volume of water comprises the discharge from upstream and high tide from downstream. The computer program such as HEC-HMS 2.2.2 will be used to carry out the Hydrologic Model Calibration. By using HEC-RAS, Hydraulic Model Calibration will be carried out for the channel. The discharge with different ARI will be used as the upstream boundary condition during the flow analysis. Frequency analysis for the tide level which is collected from JUPEM. The tide level with different ARI is used as the downstream boundary condition. From the Energy Grade Line of the channel, which energy is dominant, the energy from downstream or the energy from upstream.

Keywords: tidal influence; dominant energy; flow analysis; hydraulic and hydrology model analysis

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