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Developing and psychometric of an instrument for reproductive health need assessment related to HIV/Aids in Iranian adult men

L Karimi, K.M. Najmabadi, A Ebadi


Background: Due to the socio-cultural characteristics of Iranian adult men and lack of standardized questionnaires to assess their reproductive health associated with sexually transmitted diseases and HIV / AIDS, this study is done with the goal of development and psychometrics of a valid relevant instrument.

Method: A mixed method was used in this study. The reproductive health needs of men were investigated using qualitative content analysis according to the views of 40 people who participated in the study and were chosen via purposive sampling. Accordingly, a psychometric questionnaire was designed and features of the questionnaire were determined using formal, content, and construct validity as well as internal consistency reliability and stability.

Findings: The validity index (0.92) and construct validity was analyzed by exploratory factor analysis, which resulted in five factors. Its reliability was estimated using internal consistency, ndCronbach's alpha was 0.88. The analysis ofthe instrument consistency revealed that intraclass correlation index in two phases within two weeks was 0.98.

Finally, a questionnaire with 43 items and 5 factors (required) consisting of "gender-based education and services", "overcoming the challenges of educational services", "adequate support", "correction of cultural beliefs" and "empowerment of women" was prepared.

Conclusion: The designed instrument is valid and reliable. It is culturally appropriate. It is suggested to be used to assess reproductive health needs of adult men in relation to HIV / AIDS and sexually transmitted diseases.

Keywords: men, needs assessments, psychometric tools, AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases

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