Minor impact of solar flare events accompanied with SRBT III to the top of earth’s atmosphere

  • M.O. Ali
  • Z.S. Hamidi
  • N.H. Zainol
  • N Husien
  • S.N.U. Sabri
Keywords: solar flare, type III solar radio burst (SRBT III), flare classes


The solar flare phenomenon is one of the powerful events on the Sun that had been discovered in 1859 by Carrington and Hodgson. The characteristics of X-ray flares are important tools to determine the particle acceleration and the variable effect on the Earth. In order to get further information on electron acceleration sites in the corona, the observations of spikes at higher frequencies combined with type III at lower frequencies  and  X-ray  observations  are significant. The dynamical behavior of the Sun exhibits a variety of physical phenomena, some of which are still not at all or only barely understood due to the complexity of the structure of the Sun. The aim of this study is to investigate the correlation of solar flare event and solar radio bursts type III that happen on 23rd July 2017. These events were reported to cause minor impact to the earth such a blackout of shortwave radio transmissions.

Keywords: solar flare; type III solar radio burst (SRBT III); flare classes

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print ISSN: 1112-9867