Photocatalytic degradation of Congo red dye based on titanium dioxide using solar and UV lamp

  • N.H. Harun
  • M.N.A. Rahman
  • W.F.W. Kamarudin
  • Z Irwan
  • A Muhammud
  • N.E.F.M. Akhir
  • M.R. Yaafar
Keywords: photocatalytic degradation, Congo red dye, TiO2, catalyst, solar, UV lamp


The textile industries produce large volume of wastewater and contain chemical associated with the dyeing process. Photocatalytic degradation by using TiO2 as catalyst is proven efficient to degrade the dye. This study was designed to evaluate the effectiveness of degradation toward Congo red dye using TiO2 as a catalyst in different treatment using solar and UV light. The result shows that the presence of catalysts and high UV radiation will enhanced the percentage degradation of dye. The percent degradation under UV lamp with absence of TiO2 was 31.72% and with presence of TiO2 was 66.99%. When treated under direct sunlight, with absence of TiO2 was 8.09% and with presence of TiO2 was 64.72%. On different pH value of the dye, the percentage degradation of the dye will decrease in both acidic and alkaline condition.

Keywords: photocatalytic degradation; Congo red dye; TiO2; catalyst; solar; UV lamp


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867