Geomagnetic storm related to intense solar radio burst type II and III due to M3.9 class flare and coronal mass ejections

  • N Husien
  • W.Z.A. Wan Mokhtar
  • Z.S. Hamidi
  • N.N.M. Shariff
  • C Monstein
  • M.O. Ali
  • S.N.U. Sabri
  • N.H. Zainol
  • M.S. Faid
Keywords: solar radio burst, coronal mass ejections, geomagnetic storm, solar flare


The strong energetic particles ejected during sun’s activity will propagate towards earth and contribute to solar radio bursts. These solar radio bursts can be detected using CALLISTO system. The open website of the NASA provides us the data including CALLISTO, TESIS, solar  monitor,  SOHO  and  space  weather.  The type  III  and  II  solar radio  burst  on  9th November 2015 due to M3.9 class solar flare and coronal mass ejections event has expected to cause the geomagnetic storm on 11th November 2015. The geomagnetic storm reached the Earth a day earlier than expected date due to high speed coronal mass ejections that more than 950 km/s and high energy of ejected particle that causes the M3.9 class flare and coronal mass ejections. The geomagnetic storm luckily does not give high impact on earth because the event on sun, which triggered this storm not heading toward earth.

Keywords: solar radio burst; coronal mass ejections; geomagnetic storm; solar flare

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eISSN: 1112-9867