Scripting language design and the implementation test for PSO-GA hybridizations

  • S Masrom
  • S.Z.Z. Abidin
  • N Omar
  • Z.I. Rizman
  • A.S.A. Rahman
Keywords: rapid algorithm, development, hybridization dynamic, parameterizations, scripting language


This paper introduces a new design of a set of scripting language constructs and the implementation test for the algorithms development. The design of the scripting language is presented in form of syntactic specification and Deterministic Finite Automaton  (DFA). Based on the several algorithms of PSO-GA hybrids that have been developed with the scripting language constructs, the Characters of Code (COC) are measured in order to test the easiness of the  programming language. The results show that across all algorithms, the scripting language is anticipated to enable easy programming which has been presented by the very less number of COC compared to the JAVA programming language. Furthermore, based on observation from repeated experiments, the optimization results of all the algorithms developed with the scripting language are shown to be very accurate within the scale of results generated by JAVA codes.

Keywords: rapid algorithm; development; hybridization dynamic; parameterizations; scripting language


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867