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Key performance indicators for measuring sustainability in health care industry in Malaysia

K.L. Wong, K.E. Chong, B.C. Chew, C.C. Tay, S.B. Mohamed


The health care industry in Malaysia was the fastest-growth industry over the past few years. In today’s competitive business environment, companies focus on improving sustainability to reduce cost and improve well-being of the environment and society. However, there are limited published studies on the evaluation of sustainability performance for the healthcare sector. This paper aims to formulate a list of key performance indicators (KPI) for the sustainability performance. First, a literature study of KPIs from various industries was carried out. Next, an in-depth meeting was conducted to gain insights and feedbacks with the management of a private hospital. Finally, a set of 70 KPIs which can be used for measuring sustainability performance in health care industry was developed. These 70 KPIs were used to design a questionnaire which is then distributed to the private hospital.

Keywords: key performance indicators; sustainability; health care industry

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