Finite element analysis of car hood for impact test by using solidworks software in automotive application

  • M Mohamed
  • F.R. Hashim
  • M.H.M. Amini
  • A.A. Janvekar
  • M.K.A.A. Razab
  • N.A.A.N. Yusuf
  • Z.I. Rizman
Keywords: finite element analysis, impact test, Solidworks, automation, car hood.


A vehicle typically has two types of doors which is front doors and rear doors. The exterior side of the door is designed of steel or other material like the rest of the vehicles exterior. In the class of the metallic materials, steel, aluminium and magnesium are the most used alloys in the automotive body components. Its decorative appearance, typically coloured with a design is intended to match with the rest of the vehicle's exterior, the central purpose being toadd to the overall aesthetic appeal of the vehicle exterior. To provide the car with safety properties and different preferences of customers, a suitable door is needed. The door that is built must have high safety and at the same time can be built according to market demands.

To test the door, we will be using impact test by SolidWork® to test best material that can be used as car door.

Keywords: finite element analysis; impact test; Solidworks; automation, car hood.



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eISSN: 1112-9867