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Physical activity level among undergraduate students in Terengganu, Malaysia using pedometer

N.A.M. Yusoff, S Ganeson, K.F. Ismail, H Juahir, M.R. Shahril, L.P. Lin, A Ahmad, S.W. Wafa, S Harith, R Rajikan


A cross-sectional study determine physical activity level among 95 undergraduate students at UniSZA using pedometer. Subjects consented and completed socio-demographic details, weight and height were measured. Each subject was supplied with a pedometer and wear it for a week and record steps per day from the pedometer each night before bed. Descriptive statistic and independent T-test coefficient analyze the data using IBM SPSS version 22.0. Results showed that 66.4% of the subjects were classified as sedentary according to pedometer determined physical activity. Males recorded significantly more steps than female per day. Subjects in the age group of 18-20 years old had the highest mean average steps count than the older age group of 21-24 years old and ≥ 25 years old per day. Only 5.2% were classified as active and highly active using pedometer determined physical activity level.

Keywords: physical activity; pedometer; steps; body composition

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