Cytotoxicity and antiviral activity of Annona muricata aqueous leaves extract against dengue virus type 2

  • N.Z.A. Wahab
  • N Ibrahim
  • M.K.A. Kamarudin
  • F Lananan
  • H Juahir
  • A Ghazali
  • A.F. Ireana Yusra
Keywords: DENV-2, Annona muricata, Vero cells, MTT technique, antiviral drug


In this study, Annona muricata aqueous leaves extract was tested against dengue virus type 2. Firstly, the cytotoxicity of A. muricata was evaluated using a cell viability assay. The cytotoxicity of A. muricata on Vero cells was tested and the value of cytotoxic concentration, CC50 was ~2.5 mg/ml and the 50% Effective Concentration, EC50 was ~ 0.20 mg/ml. Selectivity index of extract against DENV-2 was more than 10 indicating potential as antiviral agent. Cells were pre- and post-treated with the extract and the viral inhibitory effect was investigated by observing the morphological changes, which were further confirmed the cellular viability evaluated by MTT technique. The results revealed that the post-treatment was more effective in inhibiting viral replication compared to pre-treatment. The findings indicated that A. muricata has good potential for prospective nature-based antiviral drug.

Keywords: DENV-2, Annona muricata; Vero cells; MTT technique; antiviral drug

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867