Automated solar radio burst detection on radio spectrum: a review of techniques in image processing

  • N.Z.M. Afandi
  • S.N. Hazmin
  • R Umar
  • A.N. Ishak
Keywords: monitoring solar activity, automated solar radio burst detection, image processing, technique


The information of solar atmosphere was obtained after investigating the recording radiation of the space mission. With technology growing recently, a lot of solar radio receiver was introduced to monitor the solar radio activity on the ground with high efficiency. It is recorded in every second for 24 hours per day. A massive of solar radio spectra data produced every day that makes it impossible to identify, whether the data contain burst or not. By doing manual detection, human effort and error become the issues when the solar astronomer needs the fast and accurate result. Recently, the success of various techniques in image processing to identify solar radio burst automatically was presented. This paper reviews previous technique in image processing. This discussion will help the solar astronomer to find the best technique in pre-processing before moving into the next stage for detection of solar radio burst.

Keywords: monitoring solar activity; automated solar radio burst detection; image processing; technique

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eISSN: 1112-9867