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Synthesis of heterogeneous catalyst for the production of biodiesel from soybean oil

S Nasreen, M Nafees, M Zeeshan, M.U. Saleem, A Ullah


This study explore the comparison of a suitable heterogeneous catalyst for conversion of triglyceride into fatty acid methyl ester. A series of heterogeneous cerium, manganese, and zinc oxide catalyst supported at mixture of cinder was prepared by co-precipitation and applied for conversion of triglyceride in oil to biodiesel using methanol as solvent. Results showed that a maximum TG conversion of 99% was obtained in the transesterification reaction catalyzed by CeSO4+MnSO4+K2CO3  catalyst calcinated in 5 h at 600oC under the optimal conditions as catalyst amount of 3%, Ce:Mn:K molar ratio of 1:1:1. The catalytic activity of catalyst at 70 ºC reaction temperature was over 90% after 6h. The experimental data were satisfactorily predicted at 99% confidence level. However, due to high and efficient yield CeSO4+MnSO4+K2CO3 catalyst was identified as the most potential catalyst.

Keywords: biodiesel fuel; heterogeneous; trans-esterification; rare earth metals; eco-friendly regent; used oil

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