Analysis of development of tafsir studies in the magazine ‘Pengasuh’ year 1955-2015

  • M Ibrahim
  • A.A.F.C.M. Rahim
  • A.H. Usman
Keywords: development, magazine, Pengasuh, tafsir studies, Malaysia


The development of tafsir studies in the magazine has yet to be discovered clearly that there is not one specific writing done to explain about the figures and the development of tafsir contained in the magazine. This paper explains about the aspect when the writing of tafsir in Pengasuh starts, who is their prominent figures and to what extent has the writing become prominent throughout the publication years of Pengasuh which is entering its 97 year in 2015. The study adopts the qualitative method in the form of text analysis and interview to get a clearer picture about the writing. The study outcome discovers that the writing of tafsir studies in the magazine Pengasuh started since 1955 at the 272 editions and expanded until today undertaken by seven columnists-cum-tafsir writers  who differ whether in terms of their backgrounds or ways of writing.

Keywords: development; magazine; Pengasuh; tafsir studies; Malaysia

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eISSN: 1112-9867