Status of population, occupation and seasonal habitat displacement of alien bird species in West Java Tropical Forest, Indonesia

  • R Partasasmita
  • S Supian
  • G Adiana
  • H Juahir
  • A.F. Ireana Yusra
  • R Umar
Keywords: Alien species, Finch-billed Myna, population, habitat, resources


“Invasive Species” is defined as an alien species that is non-native (non-indigenous, foreign or exotic) to a particular ecosystem. Commonly, they are intentionally or unintentionally introduced into an ecosystem. It is suspected that the discovery of a population of Finch-billed Myna in the forest of West Java resulted from the indirect influence of the bird trade. This bird is one of the endemic birds in Indonesia. Commonly, the Finch-billed Myna is a resident bird in Sulawesi islands. However, we found them in Tangkuban Parahu Mount, West Java. The population of Finch-billed Myna in Tangkuban Parahu Mount is 17-24 individual of three group colonies. The occupation areas are Abria, Awi leuga and Manggu. The vegetation density is higher than Myna’s former habitat (0,055 ind/m2) and Myna’s recent habitat (0,028 ind/m2).

Keyword: Alien species; Finch-billed Myna; population; habitat; resources


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 1112-9867