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English language-in-education: A lesson planning model for subject teachers

M Reyneke


South African learners perform poorly in national and international tests aimed at measuring literacy and numeracy skills. One of the reasons for their performance is a lack of critical academic language skills in English as the Language of Learning and Teaching (LOLT). This is noted against the background of previously disadvantaged parents’ high expectations of their children being given the opportunity to learn through medium of English, preparing them for success in a world where English is the lingua franca, and challenges faced by subject teachers with regard to languagein- education. The model for lesson planning and presentation, put forward
in this article, guides the subject teacher through each step of the backward
process of lesson design and the ‘forward’ process of lesson presentation. Its key focus is the integration of language and content instruction aimed at ensuring the effective teaching of key competencies in the Additional Language content classroom and thereby raising the quality of teaching and learning in South Africa.

Key words: academic language skills; language-in-education; subject
teachers; additional language learners; LAC (language across the curriculum)