Taakgerigte taalkunde-onderrig in die hoërskool binne ʼn kommunikatiewe raamwerk

  • Michele F van der Merwe
Keywords: language teaching, grammar teaching, communicative approach, taskbased approach, language structures and conventions, social constructivism


A general curriculum for languages in South Africa has been developed, with the result that a common approach to grammar teaching is supposedly followed in all schools. An analysis of the curriculum for Afrikaans home language shows that the importance of grammar teaching has shrunk considerably. No official class time is allocated that could be devoted to grammar teaching. Teaching grammar has always been a central and problematic issue for language teachers. “To teach or not to teach grammar” remains the question, along with how much to teach and when to do it. According to the language curriculum, the most desirable teaching approach to follow is a communicative one. A literature study on the communicative approach, with a focus on grammar teaching, is undertaken. The task-based approach, which has been developed from the communicative approach, and ways to implement it are practically explored in the article. 

Sleutelwoorde: taalkunde-onderrig, grammatika-onderrig, kommunikatiewe benadering, taakgerigte benadering, taalstrukture en –konvensies, sosiale konstruktivisme

Keywords: language teaching, grammar teaching, communicative approach, taskbased
approach, language structures and conventions, social constructivism


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eISSN: 0259-9570