Samelewingsdiensleer in hoër onderwys: Afrikaans vir niemoedertaalsprekers

  • M de Beer
Keywords: Community Service-learning, Higher Education, case study, Afrikaans for non-mother-tongue speakers, outcomes-based education


The purpose of the project on community service-learning in curricula was to test the merits of this methodology in a second year Afrikaans (non-mother-tongue) class at university level. Community service-learning provides learners with the empowering opportunity to offer authentic service in and for communities and to be assessed in authentic situations. This structured learning that goes beyond the classroom engages communities in service activities that benefit student teachers as well as communities. The reflection sessions which all of the partners engaged in during and at the end of the semester were a means of identifying areas where improvements could be effected.

Keywords: Community Service-learning; Higher Education, case study, Afrikaans for non-mother-tongue speakers; outcomes-based education

The article is in Afrikaans


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