Linking reading literacy assessment and teaching: Rethinking preservice teacher training programmes in the Foundation Phase

  • C Nel
Keywords: reading, literacy, assessment’ teacher preparation programmes, innovation configurations


Assessment is a common task in education and has many varied purposes. One of these is the use of assessment data to make decisions about teaching and support to struggling learners. Teacher preparation programmes should provide candidates with a rigorous, research-based curriculum and opportunities to practice a range of predefined skills and knowledge, including a focus on linking reading literacy assessment and teaching. According to the International Reading Association (2003) position statement, Investment in Teacher Preparation in the United States, teacher education programmes should ensure that teachers, amongst other crucial aspects, “know how to assess the progress of every learner and change teaching when it is not working; know how to communicate results of assessments to various stakeholders, especially parents”. The purpose of this paper is to determine to what extent the content of a BEd Foundation Phase teacher preparation programme focuses on the assessment of the essential components of early reading instruction, and to what extent the content focuses on linking the aforementioned assessment with instructional decision-making.

Keywords: reading; literacy; assessment’ teacher preparation programmes; innovation configurations


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eISSN: 0259-9570