Biology Students’ Questioning Behaviour in Relation to Their Achievement in Biology in Barkin Ladi, Local Government Area, Plateau State

  • D.P. Ezekiel
  • O.M. Yilshik
  • M. Joseph


This study investigated the relationship between senior secondary two students’ questioning behaviour and their achievement in Biology in Barkin  Ladi Local Government Area of Plateau State. The research  design was partly an ethnographic research design through observation and narrative  survey. The study  also incorporated a correlational research design in which the correlation coefficient was computed to  determine the  relationship between the variables. The population of the study comprised all the fifteen  (15) senior secondary schools in Barkin Ladi. A sample of  two senior secondary schools out of fifteen  senior secondary schools was selected using purposive sampling technique. Blooms’ category system  was used to transcribe students’ questions. The research instruments were observation using Audiotape recorder and Biology Achievement Test (BAT). The audiotape recorded students’ questions were coded  by two science education specialist in University of Jos while the test items were also  scrutinized by two  biology teachers at the secondary school level. The reliability of the BAT was determined using splithalf method and it  yielded 0.80. The research questions were answered using descriptive statistics while  Pearson Product Moment Correlation was used in testing the  Null hypothesis at 0.05 level of significant.  The findings indicated that a high positive linear relationship exists between the raw number of  students’  questions and their achievement scores in Biology. The findings equally showed that students asked  mostly low level questions and the  types of questions that students ask during biology lesson does not depend on gender. Consequently, the study recommended among other things, the training and retraining of teachers as well as students on how to ask thought provoking questions to facilitate students’ performance, teaching and learning of Biology in Senior Secondary schools.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2756-6013
print ISSN: 2756-6021