Libyan Journal of Medicine

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Fiber-reinforced Composite for Chairside Replacement of Anterior Teeth: A Case Report

S Garoushi, PK Vallittu, LVJ Lassila


A variety of therapeutic modalities, from implant to conventional Maryland prosthesis, can be used for the replacement of a missing anterior tooth. Whenever a minimal tooth reduction is preferred, a fiber reinforced composite (FRC) prosthesis could be a good alternative to conventional prosthetic techniques, chiefly as temporary restoration before making a final decision on the treatment. The purpose of this case report is to describe the clinical procedure of fabricating anterior chairside FRC prosthesis with pre-impregnated unidirectional E-glass fibers and veneered particulate filler composite. Fiber-reinforced composite in combination with adhesive technology appears to be a promising treatment option for replacing missing teeth. However, further and long-term clinical investigation will be required to provide additional information on the survival of directly-bonded anterior fixed prosthesis made with FRC systems.

Keywords: Case report, composite resin, fiber-reinforced composite

Libyan Journal of Medicine Vol. 3 (4) 2008: pp. 46-48
AJOL African Journals Online