Universidade de Integração Internacional da Lusofonia Afro-Brasileira

Peer Review

All texts submitted to NJINGA & SEPÉ: International Journal of African and Brazilian Cultures and Languages will be evaluated in a first phase by the editor in order to check if they meet the basic conditions. Formatting is evaluated; ABNT or APA standards; title and source indications in figures, images, tables and respective sources. The Journal requires 3 abstracts, the first in the language of the article, the second in one of the European languages (English, French, Spanish or Portuguese) and the last abstract in an African or indigenous Brazilian language. The editor evaluates the number of pages; performs preliminary screening for scientificity, clarity, innovation and novelty (plagiarism check). When approved, the texts will be sent to the reviewers (double blind peer review). A third evaluator may be invited in case of a tie.

Evaluators look at the suitability of the title to the content; internal structure of the article; clarity and pertinence of objectives; consistent methodology that supports the proposed analyses; results and discussion that bring scientific contribution – innovative approach, critical, reflective or creative vision, offering advancement to knowledge; appropriate citations and references to the technical standards adopted by the journal; and pertinence to the editorial line of the publication.

After approval, the texts will be aligned for editing and following the legal procedures for publication. The authors will be informed about the accepted and rejected result. A declaration will be issued for approved texts. In the case of texts produced by invited authors, the peer review will be carried out by members of the journal's Executive Editorial Board.

The evaluators fill in the standard form with already determined options, in which there is an open field for the justification of the final decision, accepting, rejecting or recommending necessary corrections and/or adaptations to the articles. In case of request for changes, the article can be forwarded for a new evaluation. Spelling and grammatical changes in the language of the article, as well as abstracts and titles in English and Spanish, will be the sole responsibility of the authors. No additions or modifications are allowed after approval of the final revision. The authors will receive a Letter of Acceptance with information about the probable publication date. Evaluators will also receive a certificate of participation in the activity. The translations/interpretations must be evaluated by the translators.

Open Access Policy

NJINGA & SEPÉ: International Journal of African and Brazilian Cultures and Languages is open access. It offers immediate free access to the content, as well as free download. The objective is to disseminate scientific knowledge free of charge to the public, providing greater global democratization of knowledge. There is no charge for submission, evaluation and publication. Publication of the Journal is completely free. Editors, Commission members and reviewers receive no salary. Therefore, value the work carried out by these professionals who donate their time in favor of disseminating knowledge. Contribute by sharing the Magazine's link on social networks.

Publication Scheduling

This journal publishes two issues and two special issues in one volume each year. 

Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2764-1244