Design and Fabrication of a Foundry Sand Mixer Using Locally Available Materials

  • JO Osarenmwinda
  • KO Iguodala
Keywords: foundry, sand mixer, fabrication, design, blades, shaft, efficiency


Most small foundry shops mix their sand manually which is not efficient since homogenous mix cannot be guaranteed and even when foundry mixer are available most of them are imported costing the nation huge foriegn exchange. A foundry sand mixer capable of mixing foundry sand has been designed and fabricated using locally available material. The sand mixer components machine frame, mixing pan, motor support, gear box speed reducer, Shaft, discharge door and Mixing blades were designed ,produced and assembled together to produce the mixer. A step-turned shaft of diameters 23mm and 33mm attached to a 2hp, 3 phase electric motor to transmit the torque required to effectively turn and mix the sand in the pan. The mixer test results show that the average mixing time of the sand mixer to mix 20kg of sand was 14minutes and the mixer efficiency was 52%.The fabricated mixer compare favourably with the the imported existing one which has an efficiency of 59%.The application of this sand mixer by foundry shops will eliminate the use manual effort which is cumbersome, time wasting and inefficient.It will also save the the country of huge foreign exchange used in the importation of foundry sand mixers

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