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Simulation Study on Deployment of VoIP on Wireline Network

DA Ekpah
TA Nwodoh


Voice over Internet Protocol is a revolutionary technology which has become a key topic in both the growing Internet industry and established telecommunications industry. VoIP has become a potential alternative to the Public switching telecommunication network due to its reduced cost. However, despite its reduced cost it has so many challenges which affect its successful deployment. This paper presents a detailed simulation approach for deploying VoIP successfully using the OPNET network simulator. The approach and work presented in this paper predict, prior to the deployment of VoIP equipment  the number of VoIP calls that can be sustained by an existing network while satisfying  quality of service requirements of all network services and leaving adequate capacity for future growth. This is achieved by carrying out a number of simulations on a segmented network, which provided graphical results used in the study of VoIP traffic and other major devices. These results will benefit network planners in the successful implementation of VOIP services.