Exergetic analysis of breakfast cereal production in Nigeria

  • M. A. Sulaiman
  • S. I. Kuye
  • S. O. Giwa
  • O. A. Olowoyeye
Keywords: Energy, Exergy, Efficiency Breakfast Cereal


This work comprehensively studied energy and exergy analyses of breakfast cereal production in Nigeria. The process analysis method of energy accounting wa s used to evaluate the energy requirement for each of the five defined unit operations. The total energy used in the operation is 1,287.94 MJ. The types of energy used in breakfast cereal production were electrical, thermal and manual and the respective pe rcentages are 48.87%, 50.53% and 0.60%. It was estimated that an average energy intensity of 11.27 MJ/kg was required for the production of breakfast cereals. The most energy intensive operation was identified as the mixing operation followed by milling with energy intensities of 665.10 MJ/kg and 383.04 MJ/kg, respectively. The exergy analysis revealed that the roller dryer was responsible for most of the inefficiency (over 65.94%) followed by the wet mixer (27.40%). Suggestions for energy saving which will help in the reducing the high expenditure on energy and thus improve the profit margin were provided.

Keywords : Energy, Exergy, Efficiency Breakfast Cereal


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eISSN: 2467-8821
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