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Teachers' Practices in Teaching Mathematics in Selected Schools of Bujumbura Mairie Province in Burundi

Alexis Arakaza
Leon Rugema Mugabo


The study analyzed teachers' practices in teaching mathematics in selected schools of Bujumbura Mairie Province in Burundi.. The study was guided by constructivism theory which clarifies how teachers can help learners to construct their knowledge. In this study, 92 mathematics teachers participated in this study. Mixed research methods were used in which both quantitative and qualitative data were employed. Findings revealed that the teachers use both learner-centered instructional and teacher-centered instructional methods but the classroom instructions are dominated by teacher-centered instruction contrary to aspiration of the national curriculum which emphases the use of learner-centered instructional practices. Directed observation revealed that many mathematics teachers focus on formal assessment than informal assessment. Therefore, suggests that mathematics teachers need some orientation and training to enhance their classroom practices.

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eISSN: 2312-9239