The Impact Assessment of Iwawa Rehabilitation Centre programs on its Graduates

  • Eugene Ndabaga
  • Brekmas Bahizi


Delinquency has been an on-going problem in Rwanda that has attracted the attention and interest of the government. National Rehabilitation Service (NRS)1 report (2019) reported a high number of recidivism. This study was interested in assessing the impact of NRS services through its Iwawa programs offered to the delinquents. Quantitative and qualitative methods were adopted to obtain in-depth information related to the research questions. The key findings were that, the Iwawa rehabilitation centre has no pedagogically and formally designed programs to offer to the admitted delinquents; it has no enough qualified trainers especially counsellors to conduct individual and group therapy sessions-yet the law establishing iwawa centre requires Iwawa to have formal programs and qualified trainers. In conclusion, it is too difficult for Iwawa rehabilitation centre to realize its mandate of rehabilitating delinquents admitted at the centre.


Journal Identifiers

eISSN: 2312-9239