African Crop Science Journal - Vol 9, No 1 (2001)

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Table of Contents


Tapioca-a new and cheaper alternative to agar for direct in vitro shoot regeneration and microtuber production from nodal cultures of potato.
Endale Gebre, B. N. Sathyanarayana
Inheritance of resistance to tomato bacterial wilt and its implication for potato improvement in Uganda
M. O. Osiru, P. R. Rubaihayo, A. F. Opio
Agronomic performance of twelve elite potato genotypes in southwestern Uganda
G. Abalo, J. J. Hakiza, R. M. Kakuhenzire, R. El-Bedewy, E. Adipala
Evaluation of sweetpotato for early maturity across different agro-ecological zones in Ghana
A. Missah, A. G. Carson, J. A. Otoo
Évaluation post récolte de six génotypes de patate douce sélectionnés a l'est du Congo
M. Feruzi, P. Phemba, M. Ngongo, V. Hagenimana, N. B. Lutaladio
Participatory on-farm selection of sweetpotato varieties in western Kenya
P. J. Ndolo, T. Mcharo, E. E. Carey, S. T. Gichuki, C. Ndinya, J. Maling'a
Performance of selected sweetpotato varieties in Kenya
M. Mcharo, E. E. Carey, S. T. Gichuki
Tropical potato clones with larger canopies do not affect the growth, yield and yield components of intercropped sugar cane
Y. Cadersa, K. Wong Yen Cheong, N. Govinden
Effects of spatial arrangement on tuber yields of some potato cultivars.
Endale Gebre, Gebremedhin W. Giorgis
Effect of plant density and seed size on growth and yield of solanum potato in Khartoum State, Sudan.
A. M. Khalafalla
Effect of intercropping maize and solanum potato on yield of the component crops in Central Uganda
M. Ebwongu, E. Adipala, C. K. Ssekabembe, S. Kyamanywa, A. S. Bhagsari
Effect of leaf harvesting frequency on growth and yield of sweetpotato in the Lake Zone of Tanzania
H. C. Kiozya, K. Mtunda, R. Kapinga, B. Chirimi, E. Rwiza
Impact of defoliation on the agronomic performance of sweetpotato in Uganda
F. Lugojja, M. W. Ogenga-Latigo, N. E. J. M. Smit
Interactive effect of nitrogen and potassium on dry matter and nutrient partitioning in true potato seed mother plants
C. R. Kanzikwera, J. S. Tenywa, D. S.O. Osiru, E. Adipala, A. S. Bhagsari
Potassium and calcium nutrition improves potato production in drip-irrigated sandy soil
A. A. Tawfik
Species diversity and activity of parasitoids of the sweetpotato butterfly, Acraea acerata, in Uganda.
F. Lugojja, M. W. Ogenga-Latigo, N.E. J.M. Smit
Influence of sweetpotato rooting characteristics on infestation and damage by Cylas spp
S. Kabi, M. W. Ogenga-Latigo, N.E. J.M Smit, T. E. Stathers, D. Rees
Influence of spatial arrangements in maize/solanum potato intercrops on incidence of potato aphids and leaf hoppers in Uganda
M. Ebwongu, E. Adipala, J. J. Hakiza, J. C. Kedera, P. Ojiambo, J. M. Mukalazi, G. Forbes, R. Nelson
Epidemiology and population dynamics of Phytophthora infestans in Sub-Saharan Africa: Progress and constraints
O. M. Olanya, E. Adipala, J. J. Hakiza, J. C. Kedera, P. Ojiambo, J. M. Mukalazi, G. Forbes, R. Nelson
Variability in potato late blight severity and its effect on tuber yield in Uganda
J. Mukalazi, E. Adipala, T. Sengooba, J. J. Hakiza, M. Olanya, H. M. Kidanemariam
Integrated management of early and late blights of potatoes in Israel
D. Shtienberg
Reactions of some potato genotypes to late blight in Cameroon
D. K. Njualem, P. Demo, H. A. Mendoza, J. T. Koi, S. F. Nana
Evaluation of potato germplasm (Population A & B) for resistance to late blight in Kenya
R. El-Bedewy, O. M. Olanya, P. T. Ewell, C. Lung'aho, P. S. Ojiambo, J. Karinga, J. Karinga
Impact of fungicide application and late blight development on potato growth parameters and yield in the tropical highlands of Kenya and Uganda
P. S. Ojiambo, S. Namanda, O. M. Olanya, R. El-Bedewy, J. J. Hakiza, E. Adipala, G. Forbes
Influence of rate and frequency of Ridomil plus applications on late blight severity and potato yields in Cameroon
D. A. Fontem
Efficacy and economics of fungicide spray in the control of late blight of potato in Ethiopia
Bekele Kassa, Hailu Beyene
Reaction of potato cultivars to Ralstonia solanacearum in Kenya
E. M. Ateka, A. W. Mwang'ombe, J. W. Kimenju
The effect of crop rotation on bacterial wilt incidence and potato tuber yield
Berga Lemaga, R. Kanzikwera, R. Kakuhenzire, J. J. Hakiza, G. Manzi
Effect of soil amendments on bacterial wilt incidence and yield of potatoes in southwestern Uganda
Berga Lemaga, D. Siriri, P. Ebanyat
On-farm successes and challenges of producing bacterial wilt-free tubers in seed plots in Kenya
Z. M. Kinyua, J. J. Smith, C. Lung'aho, M. Olanya, S. Priou
Etiology, effect of soil pH and sweetpotato varietal reaction to Alternaria leaf petiole and stem blight in Kenya
T. J. Anginyah, R. D. Narla, E. E. Carey, R. Njeru
Variability of sweetpotato feathery mottle virus in Africa
R. F. Karyeija, J. F. Kreuze, R. W. Gibson, J. P.T. Valkonen
Damage reduces shelf-life of sweetpotato during marketing
K. Mtunda, D. Chilosa, E. Rwiza, M. Kilima, H. Kiozya, R. Munisi, R. Kapinga, D. Rees
Potential of orange and yellow fleshed sweetpotato cultivars for improving vitamin A nutrition in Central Uganda
J. M. Ssebuliba, E. N.B. Nsubuga, J. H. Muyonga
Variety: The key driver of demand for seed potatoes in the Philippines
P. J. Batt
Changes in African smallholder agriculture in the twentieth century and the challenges of the twenty-first
S. J. Carr

ISSN: 2072-6589
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