Published: 2014-03-12

Analysis of genetic polymorphism of nine short tandem repeat loci in Chinese Han population of Henan province

Y Huang, Y Qi, J Xi, Y Lin, L Yang, Z Zeng, X Liu, L Guo, L Gao


Genetic variation patterns of Medicago ruthenica populations from Northern China

R Yu-ping, C Zhe, Z Ling-ling, Z Min, Z Yong-juan, B Ke-yu


Organelles genome stability of wheat plantlets produced by anther culture

DS Hassawi, SA Abu-Mallouh, AA Al-Abbadi, MA Shatnawi


In vitro regeneration of selected commercial Tanzanian open pollinated maize varieties

MS Seth, LT Bedada, EE Mneney, RO Oduor, JS Machuka


An efficient system for in vitro multiplication of Ocimum basilicum through node culture

MA Shahzad, M Faisal, N Ahmad, M Anis, A Alatar, AA Hend


Production and evaluation of doubled haploid lines of barley via detached-tiller culture method

F Kahani, F Bakhtiar, R Bozorgipour, S Hittalmani, HR Nik Khah, K Zargari


Simultaneous adsorption and biodegradation of synthetic melanoidin

MS Onyango, VO Ojijo, A Ochieng, JO Kittinya, FO Otieno


miR-181a regulates multiple pathways in hypopharyngeal squamous cell carcinoma

N-SA Mutalib, L Learn-Han, SM Sidik, SA Rahman, ASM Singh, C Yoke-Kqueen


Physicochemical characterization and fatty acid content of ‘venadillo’ (Swietenia humilis Zucc.) seed oil

V Perez-Rubio, JB Heredia, C Chaidez-Quiroz, JB Valdez-Torres, R Allende-Molar, MA Angulo-Escalante


A fast method for large-scale isolation of phages from hospital sewage using clinical drug-resistant Escherichia coli

H Fan, Z Mi, J Fan, L Zhang, Y Hua, L Wang, X Cui, W Zhang, B Zhang, Y Huang, J Li, X Wang, C Li, Z Zhang, X An, X Yin, J Chen, Y Tong


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eISSN: 1684-5315