Published: 2016-01-22

Quantification of markers of antimalarial drug resistance from an area of high malaria transmission: Comparing frequency with prevalence

Allen Malisa, Richard Pearce, Ben Mutayoba, Salim Abdullah, Hassan Mshinda, Patrick Kachur, Peter Bloland, Cally Roper


In silico comparative analysis of EST-SSRs in three cotton genomes

Daojun Yuan, Shaoguang Liang, Zhongxu Lin, Xianlong Zhang


Consequences of diverse use of nitrogen sources on grain yield, grain quality and growth attributes of hybrid maize (Zea mays L.)

Muhammad Waseem, Asghar Ali, Muhammad Tahir, Muhammad Naeem, Muhammad Ayub, Asif Iqbal, Atta Ullah Mohsin, Haseeb ur-Rehman, Muqarrab Ali, Azhar Ghaffari, M Aqeel Sarwar, Abdul Khaliq