Published: 2010-09-27

Nutraceuticals as natural healers: Emerging evidences

R Ali, M Athar, U Abdullah, SA Abidi, M Qayyum

Metabolic alterations and molecular mechanism in silkworm larvae during viral infection: A review

KR Babu, S Ramakrishna, YHK Reddy, G Lakshmi, NV Naidu, SS Basha, M Bhaskar

An improved technique for oral administration of solutions of test substances to experimental rats using Mediflon/Medicut intravenous cannula

DE Ejebe, IM Siminialayi, JOT Emudainohwo, SI Ovuakporaye, AE Ojieh, R Akonoghrere, IE Odokuma, GC Ahatty

Genetic population structure of the Japanese mitten crab Eriocheir japonica in Japanese islands

YJ Wang, ZQ Han, B Shui, GD Liu, TX Gao, SA Nwafili, S Watanabe, YP Zhang

Assessment of allelopathic potential of selected medicinal plants of Pakistan

AL Khan, M Hamayun, J Hussain, H Khan, SA Gilani, A Kikuchi, KN Watanabe, EH Jung, I Lee

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eISSN: 1684-5315