The African Journal of Food, Agriculture, Nutrition and Development (AJFAND) is a peer reviewed scholarly journal. The journal is envisaged to enable dissemination and sharing of food and nutrition information issues on the continent. It taps social science, biochemical, food and nutrition related research and information. It also addresses issues related to agriculture, food security, and nutrition that affect Africa’s development and people’s livelihoods. It targets and is intended to serve the research and intellectual community; African and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs); African and development oriented bilateral and multilateral agencies; and African public institutions working towards solving food and nutrition problems through sound policies, and addressing issues that affect the African continent. AJFAND is open to both African and non-African contributors. Besides academic research, the journal provides an avenue for sharing information on national-level food and nutrition programs. QUALITY remains the driver of our efforts and not QUANTITY. The journal carries out a major mentoring and capacity building role for budding African scholars, and also gives visibility to African scholars in general by highlighting and sharing their work internationally.

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Published: 2023-09-14

Low-cost nutrient-dense composite flours for children aged 1-5 years developed from locally available foods

S.W. Birungi , R. Mugabi , A. Nabubuya , I.M. Mukisa , J. Wambete , E.J. Tibagonzeka


Effect of germination and roasting on the proximate, mineral and anti-nutritional factors in finger millet (Eleucine coracana), cowpeas () and orange maize (Zea mays)

T. Dhliwayo , P. Chopera , T.M. Matsungo , C. Chidewe, S. Mukanganyama , E. Nyakudya , F. Mtambanengwe , P. Mapfumo , L.K. Nyanga


Preliminary bibliometrics of plant-derived health foods over the last decade in the Scopus database

O.O. Osemwegie , A.F. Olaniran , J.O. Folorunsho, C.O. Nwonuma , O.A. Ojo , L.A. Adetunde , O.O. Alejolowo , O.M. Oluba , F.Y. Daramola


Effect of bioslurry effluent on seedling growth of Swiss Chard (Beta vulgaris L.)

A. Dumani , T.T. Silwana , B. Mpambani , R. Celliers , S. Mhlontlo , M.M. Mbangcolo


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