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African Environment

Page Header Logo Environmental Studies and Regional Planning Bulletin

African Environment is published in French and English, and for some issues, in Arabic.

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African Journal of Applied Zoology and Environmental Biology

 This Journal is Open Access
The African Journal of Applied Zoology and Environmental Biology (formerly the African Journal of Applied Zoology) was inaugurated to meet the growing need for an indigenous authoritative organ for the dissemination of the results of scientific research into the fauna of Africa. Its scope has been widened and the title changed to include original research papers which make significant contributions to flora on the other aspects of environmental biology relevant to Africa. Concise contributions on investigations on faunistics, biochemistry, microbiology, hydrobiology, nutrition, botany, soil and water chemistry, are invited for publication.

African Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism

 This Journal is Open Access
The African Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism (AJEM) is a biomedical peer-reviewed journal with international circulation. It publishes Reports of Original Work, preferably briefly described, in the fields of endocrinology, metabolism and related subjects. Reviews are authoritative, evidence-based articles on topical subjects. Submission in this category is generally by invitation; however, unsolicited manuscripts are also welcome. Authors are encouraged to discuss an outline of their idea with the editor-inchief of AJEM.

African Zoology

Page Header Logo African Zoology, a peer-reviewed research journal, publishes original scientific contributions and critical reviews that focus principally on African fauna in terrestrial, freshwater, and marine ecosystems. Research from other regions that advances practical and theoretical aspects of zoology will be considered. Rigorous question-driven research in all aspects of zoology will take precedence over descriptive research. The journal publishes full-length papers, critical reviews, short communications, letters to the editors as well as book reviews. Contributions based on purely observational, descriptive or anecdotal data will not be considered.Other websites associated with this journal: http://www.nisc.co.za/products/59/journals/african-zoology

AFRREV STECH: An International Journal of Science and Technology

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo STECH: An International Journal of Science and Technology is a peer-reviewed journal of interdisciplinary scientific research, theories, and observations. STECH is a semi-annual publication of International Association of African Researchers and Reviewers (IAARR). The mission of this journal is to provide a platform for the dissemination of scientific research and theory across the academic disciplines. We seek to facilitate greater communication between the scientific assembly in Africa and the larger scientific community. To this end, STECH provides a platform for research conducted both inside and outside of Africa. The journal is provided strictly in the spirit of academic and scientific discourse and in support of our mission of improving the human condition and researches in Africa. 
Other websites associated with this journal: http://afrrevjo.net/?q=stech_home/archive

ATBU Journal of Environmental Technology

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The journal of environmental technology is devoted to the publication of papers which advance knowledge of practical and theoretical issues of the environmental technology. Selection of papers for publication is based on their relevance, clarity, topicality and individuality; the extent to which they advance knowledge and understanding, and their likely contribution towards inspiring further activity, development and research. The aims of the journal are to provide an avenue for dissemination of academic research findings dealing with environmental technology and to provide a form for meaningful discussions and debates between academics and field practitioners of the natural and the built environments. The journal will therefore accept for publication research results of both the natural; the technological; and the built environment.

ChemSearch Journal

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo Chemsearch Journal is a peer – reviewed journal that publishes original research work, scientific papers and technical reports in all the field of Chemistry (pure science, agriculture, environmental science, science education and related fields).This journal is now Open Access so the content can be freely accesses online.

Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo Kindly note that from 1 September 2017, updating of this journal has been suspended by AJOL, pending the outcome of a journal ownership dispute process.
The Ethiopian Journal of Environmental Studies and Management (EJESM) is based in the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia. Its aim is to publish original research output in the area of Geography, Ecology, Botany, Conservation studies, Food and Nutrition, Water Resources, Urban Studies, Environmental Design and Management and other allied disciplines. It is devoted to disseminating results of original research in these fields. Review papers and short communications on topical issues of contemporary importance are also accepted. The journal publishes six issues annually in February, April, June, August, October and December.

FUTY Journal of the Environment

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The aim of the journal is to provide a forum for dissemination of research findings necessary for sound policy formulations towards a better environment. It is an inter-disciplinary journal concerned with issues in the following disciplines: Architecture, Building, Estate Management, Environmental Management, Geography, Industrial Design, Surveying and Geoinformatics, Urban and Regional Planning, Agriculture, Forestry and Wild Life and other related fields.

Ghana Journal of Geography

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The Ghana Journal of Geography publishes the best of original research and scholarship in physical and human geography as well as research from other disciplines working on ideas of relevance to the Developing world.

Global Journal of Environmental Sciences

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo Global Journal of Environmental Sciences is aimed at promoting research in all areas of Environmental Sciences including waste management, pollution control, and remediation of hazards. The journal is published twice a year.Visit the Global Journal Series website here: http://www.globaljournalseries.com/ 

International Journal of Applied Agriculture and Apiculture Research

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The journal publishes current and emerging issues in the following areas: Animal science, crop science, weed science, biological science, food science, Biotechnology in agriculture and apiculture, agricultural extension, agricultural economics, soil science, agricultural technology and aquaculture. It aims to promote the effective dissemination of information on research findings thus encouraging active research in all aspects of agricultural and apicultural sciences and to provide an effective means for research scientists to contribute to international scientific and technological knowledge in the agricultural and apicultural sciences.Other websites associated with this journal: http://www.oalib.com/journal/3290/1#.VnAweEp97cs

Journal of Environmental Extension

Page Header Logo Journal of Environmental Extension is to be published annually to generate ideas on formulation, packaging, dissemination and consequential impacts of ideas/policies relating to the quality and sustainability of the environment.

Journal of Meteorology and Climate Science

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The Journal of Meteorology and Climate Science publishes rigorous theoretical reasoning and advanced empirical research in all areas of Meteorology and Climate Sciences. We welcome articles or proposals from all perspectives and on all subjects pertaining to Meteorology, Agriculture, Humanity, Physics, Geography, Oceanography and Marine science, GIS, Geophysics, Environmental Sciences, Urban and Regional Planning and Architecture.

Journal of Research in Forestry, Wildlife and Environment

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The Journal of Research in Forestry, Wildlife and Environment lays emphasis on result of empirical research and conceptual issues in different aspects of Forestry, Wildlife and Range Management, Agriculture, Veterinary Sciences, Pure and Applied Environmental Sciences; Engineering, Geography, Geology, Applied Economics and Biological Sciences.

les cahiers du cread

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo Our Journal “les cahiers du cread” is a quarterly economic review publishing original findings of empirical research and theoretical debates on fields pertaining to our mission coverage (Macro Economics, Industrial Economics and Firms, Human Development & Social Economics, Agriculture & Environment).
Other websites associated with this journal are: http://www.cread.dz

Madagascar Conservation & Development

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo Madagascar Conservation & Development welcomes the results of original research, field surveys, advances in field and laboratory techniques, book reviews, and informal status reports from research, conservation, development and management programs and in-field projects in Madagascar. In addition, notes on changes in the legal status of any species (IUCN, CITES) or land (Protected Areas) existing in Madagascar, public awareness programs, the availability of new educational materials (include the name and address of distributor and cost, if applicable), job announcements (paid or volunteer), and notification of newly published scientific papers, technical reports and academic theses are all appropriate contributions. Readers are also encouraged to alert Madagascar Conservation & Development to pertinent letter-writing campaigns and other activities, which may need the support of the Madagascar Conservation & Development community. Finally, Madagascar Conservation & Development serves as a conduit for debate and discussion and welcomes contributions on any aspect of the legal or scientific status of any species living in Madagascar, or on conservation and development philosophy.
Other websites related to this journal: http://www.journalmcd.com/index.php/mcd

Mgbakoigba: Journal of African Studies

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo Mgbakoigba welcomes original and incisive contributions engaging historical and contemporary issues relevant to the Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Environmental Sciences, especially as they affect the field of African Studies. Its main emphasis is to generate and construct a new agenda for approaching history, methodology and theory in African knowledge production. Considering new frameworks for reflecting and addressing issues arising from the present context of economic, political, cultural and technological changes, the journal aims to establish a platform to revisit the grand teleological narration of progress and modernity where Africa has always been denied intellectual agency and subjectivity.  The editors seek research papers and innovative essays engaging new debates, exhibition review essays, cultural events, responses to contemporary cultural criticisms in the relevant disciplines. All work submitted are subject to peer review. All submissions must not exceed 6, 000 word papers. 
All manuscripts and inquiries should be directed to the editor: Dr. Okechukwu Nwafor;  Email: mgbakoigba@gmail.com

Nigerian Journal of Biotechnology

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo Nigerian Journal of Biotechnology is a publisher of multidisciplinary peer-reviews original research works and critical reviews on interdisciplinary studies in Biotechnology, Agriculture, Food and Environment interface; and is published twice a year. It serves scientists in the field of Agriculture, Food science and Technology; Animal science, Agriculture Economy and Extension, Fisheries and Aquiculture, Biotechnology, Breeding and Veterinarians. 
Other websites associated with this journal: https://www.bsn.ng

Nigerian Journal of Soil and Environmental Research

Page Header Logo The Nigerian Journal of Soil and Environmental Research (previously named Nigerian Journal of Soil Research) is an annual publication of the Department of Soil science, Faculty of Agriculture/Institute for Agricultural Research, Ahmadu Bello University, Zaira. The journal accepts articles in English. The journal is concerned with soils and environmental issues of tropical interest.

Nigerian Journal of Technological Research

Page Header Logo The Nigerian Journal of Technological Research is a pure scientific journal with a philosophy of attempting to provide information on problem solving technology to its immediate environs and the international community. The scope of the journal is in the core areas of: Pure and Applied Sciences; Engineering Sciences; Environmental Sciences; Agricultural Sciences; Information and communication Technology; Management and Entrepreneurship sciences.

Regional Maritime University Journal

Page Header Logo The Regional Maritime University Journal has as its scope topics relating to the maritime industry, including but not limited to the following:

  • Maritime education and training

  • Maritime technology

  • Maritime administration

  • Maritime environmental and ocean management

  • Port and shipping administration

  • Maritime transport and logistics

  • Maritime policy and practices

  • Maritime safety and security

  • Engineering

  • Information Communication Technology

  • Oil and gas

  • Multimodal transport administration and management

  • Technological, organisational, sociological, economic, etc. issues related to the maritime and allied industry

Rwanda Journal of Agricultural Sciences

 This Journal is Open Access
The RJEAS  publishes  information about advances and their applications in making better use of the Rwandan and regional end environment  in  the fields  of Agricultural  Sciences,  Environmental  Sciences, Veterinary  Medicine,  Animal  and  Crop  Sciences,  Forestry,  Agricultural   mechanization,   Food science and Nutrition,  Agricultural Economics, Aquaculture and fisheries. Articles describing application   of  mathematical   modeling,   ICT,  genomics,   climate   change,   informatics,   remote sensing  and geographic  information  systems in agriculture  and environment but not limited to,  are highly  welcome. RJAS is meant to be national, regional and international both in the source of articles and its readership.
Other websites associated with this journal: https://ur.ac.rw/?UR-s-Internal-Journals

Rwanda Journal of Engineering, Science, Technology and Environment

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The Rwanda Journal of Engineering, Science, Technology and Environment (RJESTE) is a peer-reviewed journal published bi-annually by the University of Rwanda - College of Science and Technology. The journal aims at publishing original research articles, review articles, and selected conference articles on the latest developments in the fields of engineering, science, technology, environment and related. The publications should either demonstrate a significant new discovery or other contribution that has been established to fairly rigorous scientific standards. The Journal will publish articles written in standard British English.

Scopus: Journal of East African Ornithology

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo Scopus: Journal of East African Ornithology has been published since 1977 by the Bird Committee of the East Africa Natural History Society. Originally titled Scopus, the addition of Journal of East African Ornithology began with our January 2018 issue. The journal is published Open Access twice a year, typically in January and July. Authors retain copyright and their work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. Our copyright and licensing agreement only applies from January 2018 onwards, and does not apply to previously published issues. Users have the right to read, download, copy, distribute, print, search, or link to the full texts of these articles.
Scopus: Journal of East African Ornithology welcomes original contributions— which have not been published elsewhere— on all aspects of the ornithology of eastern Africa, encompassing the area from Sudan, Ethiopia and the Horn of Africa countries south to Mozambique, and including the Malagasy region. 
This journal does not charge Article Processing Charges or submission charges.

Southern African Journal of Environmental Education

 This Journal is Open Access
Call for Papers! SAJEE Special Issue: Vocational Education and Training (VET): Skills for Green and Just work in Southern Africa
Strengthening Vocational Education and Training (VET), a marginalized educational and training sector in the Southern African region, is critical for social equity, inclusion, Sustainable Development Goal 4 and the Education for Action 2030 Framework. In this Special Issue SAJEE aims to profile papers mapping out the growing concern that VET discourses focus on the productive elements of work and neglect the reproductive aspects of work. A sustainability lens on VET will introduce a regenerative dimension of work.
Abstracts of no more than 500 words due 25 June 2021. Full papers of no more than 6000 words due 20 September 2021 and should be uploaded to this online system 
Guest Editors: Dr Presha Ramsarup (Wits University, South Africa) and Prof Volker Wedekind (Notthingham University, UK)
See detailed information.

The Southern African Journal of Environmental Education (SAJEE) is an accredited and internationally refereed journal. It is published at least once a year, by the Environmental Education Association of Southern Africa (EEASA).
The SAJEE aims to publish and report on a wide range of aspects relating to Environmental Education, Ethics and Action in southern Africa and elsewhere, with a strong focus on research. The journal seeks to further the academic study and the practice of environmental education by providing a forum for researchers, scholars, practitioners and policy makers. The journal aims to carry papers reflecting the diversity of environmental education practice in southern Africa. It includes a variety of research genres; conference reviews and keynote papers; comparative studies; retrospective analyses of activities or trends in a particular field; commentaries on policy issues; and critical reviews of environmental education, ethics and action in a particular country or context. The journal actively seeks out international dialogue in order to provide perspective on and for environmental education in southern Africa.
The SAJEE aims to provide southern African and other authors with a forum for debate and professional development. The journal incorporates an author support programme to encourage new authors in the field to establish themselves as scholarly writers.
Papers published in the Research Paper section of the journal undergo an academically rigorous and thorough double blind review process by two qualified reviewers. Keynote,Viewpoint and Think Piece papers are reviewed by one of the editors of the journal and/or another qualified reviewer.
The SAJEE journal provides open access to its content on the principle that making research freely available to the public and scholarly community supports a greater global exchange of knowledge. There are no article submission nor processing charges associated with the SAJEE. 
The SAJEE Editors subscribe to the open access publishing best practice code of the Academy of Science of South Africa (ASSAf). SAJEE is indexed on the Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ).
Institutional support for the journal is provided by the Rhodes University Environmental Learning Research Centre, in the Faculty of Education at Rhodes University (South Africa).
For article queries please contact the Journal Manager: c.royle@ru.ac.za
Other websites associated with this journal: www.eeasa.org.za
CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/
2016 Environmental Education Association of Southern Africa
Online ISSN 2411-5959 
Print ISSN 0256-7504
Print ISBN 1810-0333  

Southern Forests: a Journal of Forest Science

Page Header Logo Southern Forests: a Journal of Forest Science is one of the leading forestry journals in the Southern Hemisphere. The journal publishes scientific articles in forest science and management of fast-growing, planted or natural forests in the Southern Hemisphere and the tropics. Papers are also encouraged on related disciplines such as environmental aspects of forestry, social forestry, agroforestry, forest engineering and management as well as the goods and services that are derived from forests as a whole. Articles published by the journal are of value to foresters, resource managers and society at large. The journal particularly encourages contributions from South America, Africa and tropical/subtropical Australasia and Asia. Publication of the journal is supported by the Southern African Institute of Forestry.Read more about this journal here

Tanzania Journal of Forestry and Nature Conservation

Page Header Logo The Tanzania Journal of Forestry and Nature Conservation accommodates the current diverse and multidisciplinary approaches towards ecosystem conservation at national and global levels. The journal is published biannually and accepts research and review papers covering technological, physical, biological, social and economic aspects of management and conservation of tropical flora and fauna.

Uganda Journal of Agricultural Sciences

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The Journal publishes  peer reviewed papers  with the aim of sharing new developments in the agricultural and environmental sciences  which include forestry, fisheries, livestock, crops, environment, biotechnology, agricultural economics, agricultural engineering.
The readership of the Journal include students, researchers, extension workers, policy makers, academia ,investors and entrepreneurs.

West African Journal of Applied Ecology

 This Journal is Open Access
Page Header Logo The focus of the West African Journal of Applied Ecologyis on ecology, agriculture and water pollution. It aims to serve as an avenue for lecturers and researchers in West Africa to publish their work. Other websites related to this journal are http://apps.ug.edu.gh/wajae/.